Saturday, 23 November 2013

Welcome to our blog!

Hello, and welcome to the blog charting the progress of The Little Dog Rescue's ambitious rehoming project, 'Operation Perrito'.

If you are not already familiar with the origins of this project via our FB page, Twitter account, or even our forum, allow me to bring you up to speed!

TLDR recently received a call from a British gentleman living in Spain, who is returning to the UK to begin to rebuild his life after losing his wife to illness. They shared a love of dogs, and their adopted dogs moved to Spain with them eleven years ago, where they added to their pack whilst living there. Sadly, he is now faced with having to rehome 11 of these, in order to find accommodation and work back in the UK.

Having attempted to find help through Spanish rescues, and most of the UK's well-known larger rescue centres, he was at his wits' end and feared for the safety of his little family, until he came across the details of The Little Dog Rescue. Whilst 11 dogs from one family was daunting, we heard his story and felt we could work together to help Matt ensure a great life for each and every one of them, and so, 'Operation Perrito' was born.

Click on this picture to see just how adorable we really are!

We invite you to follow this page, charting the journey of these little dogs from their old lives in Spain, to their new forever homes in the UK.

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